Berkshire Piglets

Summer break is almost over. You can tell by the long, exasperated expressions on the  faces of your children. They know it’s time to go back to school. We can tell Fall is approaching by the number of phone calls we receive. Many of you are already planning for this years 4H and FFA project hogs. We have had 3 litters of Berkshire hogs farrowed already, and will have a few more litters coming throughout the next 3 months.

We added a 3 new gilts to the herd this year. Black Magic is Hampshire/Yorkshire that we bred to our Berkshire boar, Zed. She’s due to farrow August 19 and she is getting huge. We are expecting some great piglets from this gilt. She is a beauty, with huge hams and shoulders, a great frame, and long and lean down her back and sides. Crossing her to Zed will keep the piglets long and strong. He is a powerhouse of a boar but as gentle as the family dog.

We also added two more Berkshire gilts that are bred to Badonkadonk. He got that name for a reason. These litters are due to farrow September 2nd and 9th. I am personally looking forward to seeing these piglets. Not only should they show well, your buyers will be getting 100% pure Berkshire. For those of you buying pure Berkshires, be sure to let your buyers know what they are getting. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Berkshire meat, you may want to raise two pigs. One for the show and one for your freezer. If your going to send letters to prospective buyers, go to the American Berkshire site and look at the PDF’s on Berkshire meat quality. Let your buyers know what to expect and you may increase your profits.

October will be the last litter of pigs farrowed this year. Olive is another Hamp/York cross, bred to Zed and this should throw off some nice piglets. She is farrowing a little late for the season, but her piglets have shown great weight gain in the past, so these piglets will be good for the fairs in late March and April.

Our herd is growing every year and we have 4 registered Berkshire gilts to breed in September and October that will be ready for the Hog and Ham project at University of Florida. Also 3 Duroc gilts that we are breeding at the same time. This is a great project that teaches youth the entire process of raising a pig including processing. I know it’s not for everyone, but if your child is interested they will learn some valuable skills.

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