How Much Is A Pig?

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How much does a pig cost? There is no simple dollar figure that I can give you. Because there are so many factors that can change the value of a pig, such as; feed prices, market price, and the one we all feel, fuel prices. Breeders have to take into consideration all of these factors […]

Choosing a pig


Selecting the right pig for you, really depends on what you want out of your pig. There are many different breeds and cross-breeds to choose from. Take into consideration whether or not your pig is for show or you just want a pig to raise for meat. If you are looking for a good meat […]

Farrowing Hut Construction

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Breeding our Berkshires on pasture was a bit harder than we expected at times. Some of our sows decided that they wanted to deliver in the middle of the day and in the heat of the Florida sun.