Enos Pigs Farm

For all of you that are still interested in purchasing pigs, we have decided to help you out a bit on your choice.We would like to introduce you to some pig farms around the area by visiting them ourselves.

Our first choice and also a friend of ours is Eno’s Pigs. We didn’t know them before we started breeding our Berkshires but then again, we didn’t know anyone else with a pig farm at that time. Traveling around from farm to farm we have found some farms that are great but others that make me cry when I leave. Taking you with us on this journey might not be as pleasant as you might think, but we feel like people should know that truth about how some of these so called hog farmers treat their pigs.

Eno’s Pigs is by far the best farm we have visited in our area. Here is a first hand look at what to expect from Eno’s Pigs. She doesn’t try to hide anything like tons of other farms. What you see is what you get.

When we called Michele and told her that we were interested in coming by and taking pictures of her farm so that people could see how her pigs are being kept and the condition of her farm, she didn’t hesitate and said ” come on by” Eno’s Pigs has quickly become our favorite place to send our customers to because they treat their pigs, and other animals, very well. They provided pasture for their sows to roam as well as a place for them to chill out in the water on those hot days. We love seeing pigs out on pasture, as we did ours, because they just seem so happy. We understand that they will one day be on you kitchen table, but why now respect them and treat them well while they are alive.

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